The Best educational WordPress Topics for 2022

Bringing your school online with the help of an educational WordPress theme is not a small feat. It is true that your education website is much more than just an online presence for your students and teachers.

You must think about hiring, raising money, and reaching enrollment goals. A school’s or academic website is required to be simple to use and maintain. It should be simple for your IT department as well for teachers who may not spend all day online.

If your institution is creating the first website on WordPress and you’re looking for the ideal theme for your education. Let’s discuss the top education WordPress themes and help to choose the right theme for your school:

What Should You Consider When Choosing the Right Education WordPress Theme for Your Site

  1. Think about your users first.
  2. Contact information should be easily accessible.
  3. Show your community the spotlight.
  4. Select a simple and friendly style.
  5. Get the necessary information out first.
  6. Select the plugins you’ll need.
  7. Develop a fundraising strategy for your educational website.
  8. You can ask for feedback.
  9. Optimize for mobile devices.

The creation of a fantastic website for your school signifies it’s important to plan prior to searching for the perfect educational WordPress theme.

You may want to take your time looking at the sites of the other colleges and schools located in your area. It will give you an insight into the types of is available and what plugins and features you need.

Schools, for instance, often use a calendar system to communicate deadlines and dates with parents and students.Read here Affordable essay writing services At our site

Here are a few other ideas to help to choose the ideal WordPress theme for your educational website.

1. Think about your users first.

Each school has lots of information available to share and several different audiences to please. Your goal is to engage the academic community as well as potential donors with your site, but your first step when planning should be to think about who are most likely to use it – typically students and their parents.

Set up a clearly defined structure ensure that your homepage makes important updates easy to find. Limit the amount of steps your most frequent visitors have to do to find the information they’re looking for.

If you’ven’t created an online presence before, this guide to user experience can help know what you need to consider when planning.

2. Contact information should be easily accessible.

Each member of staff in a school serves a specific purpose. But there are some that are easier to get hold of than others. While you’re developing your site ensure that it’s possible for students, partners, and parents to recognize and reach out to every member of your team.

3. Let your community shine.

Videos and photos can be a convenient way to share the uniqueness about your school with the world. It is important to ensure that the educational WordPress theme you select offers plenty of space for photos and videos.

If you don’t have a lot of images to share, you can contact any student bodies. User-generated content can add a personal touch to your site. This can also give the students in your community a feeling of pride and ownership.

4. Select a simple and friendly design.

A WordPress theme must be designed with a layout that is in keeping with the spirit of the school and its brand. You should check if you can customize your colors and incorporate the shapes that you and your community is comfortable.

5. Let us know what information is important to you first.

A website is more than just a platform for promotion or a social space for your school. The students aren’t always the best at sharing the information they receive from their teachers and school admins with their parents.

A website can be used to quickly share important information about:

  • School policies
  • Tuition
  • Supplies
  • Field trips to be scheduled for the coming months
  • Test dates
  • Assignments
  • Breaks and days off
  • Sports events
  • Registration

6. Choose the plugins you need.

The correct education theme will integrate with the plugins you need. WordPress plugins help to facilitate accessible and automated a diverse range of processes work effortlessly.

For example, you might wish to incorporate PDF forms to your site. This could make it easier and safer for students to send in their paperwork or teachers to complete job applications.

As you plan, think about ways you can streamline school processes when you go digital.

7. Plan for fundraising on your website for education.

The most appropriate education WordPress theme will not only be beneficial to the school, it needs to help build your future.

Raising funds to support schools is a constant process. It’s also a bit complicated. Development teams need tools to attract participants, including alumni and students and other members of the local community.

Do you want to create an the option of an online store that sells school merchandise? Enable online donations? Or , create a subdomain on your website to track fundraising campaigns?

When you pick your theme, make sure that it has the essential features that you will need to launch and sustain your efforts.

8. Ask for feedback.

If your institution has established an advisory committee for the launch of the website you have created for your education you should think about inviting parents or alumni as members of the team.

Collecting valuable feedback may appear to be a challenge at first but it’s a great way to make your institution more efficient and save money. You’re creating a website for an entire community of parents children, students, teachers administrators and donors. Therefore, you’ll want regularly and frequently for feedback to ensure you’re on the right track.

9. Optimize for mobile devices.

71 percent of smartphone users check at least once within 10 minutes of getting up. This includes both your students and parents. That means that a mobile WordPress site is essential.

A responsive education WordPress theme looks great across a variety of screen sizes as well as devices. That means that your customers will spend more time using the website and also gain more value out of it.

A Top Education WordPress Themes

WordPress is the ideal platform for teaching because it’s cost is low and just few hours.

But educational websites need to have specific features and styles. You can’t use a simple blogging site for an educational institute because they’re lacking the features you might require, such as:

  • Secure form submission
  • Online payments
  • Learning plugins and integrations

To simplify the process of creating a website on your behalf, here are some of the best WordPress themes to build a great educational website instantly.

This list has both free and paid education WordPress themes that address the requirements of all kinds of academic institutions and schools. That said, this list isn’t for everyone.

If you’re in search of an academic WordPress theme that you can use for your online course, check out this list. See this list for themes for online learning.

Some of these themes could be useful for people looking to build a learning management system (LMS) too. That said, this list of education themes is intended meant for creating a WordPress website for colleges, schools and universities.

Simple WordPress Education Themes

  1. Astra
  2. Ocean WP
  3. Neve

1. Astra

It is ideal for schools that want to build a custom site

What makes us like this education WordPress theme: This theme is versatile and simple to use for those who are new. It is compatible with a variety of plugins and integrations to make it easier for you. The plugins that you use are able to upload your site to the internet, sell your products for fundraising, translate it into different languages, and much more without ever having to write code.

Other useful features:

  • Optimized for SEO
  • Unlimited typography and color variations
  • Flexible and light

2. Ocean WP

It is ideal for schools that would like to create a custom site

Why this educational WordPress theme is great for schools. This free WordPress theme offers several demo websites for schools and colleges to design their websites. The menus and headers that can be customized options make it simple to customize your website and give the look you wish for.

Other helpful features include:

  • A wide range of page and blog templates
  • Color and type range settings
  • WooCommerce integration

3. Neve

Most suitable for: Schools who are looking to design a unique site

Why we like this school WordPress theme It’s a sleek and user-friendly WordPress theme to build your own educational site. The theme has a wide range of plugins and offers great options to create an outstanding website to attract visitors.

You can start by using the free theme. If you want something more education-specific you can upgrade to an expensive theme.

Other useful features:

  • Seamless LMS integration
  • Sleek design
  • Support that is of high quality
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